FOOD JOURNAL – Five Steps to Choosing the Perfect Durian!


FOOD JOURNAL - Durian for Breakfast! Also Turkey Pastrami (sinful), Scrambled Eggs and Yogurt

FOOD JOURNAL – Durian for Breakfast! Also Turkey Pastrami (sinful), Scrambled Eggs and Yogurt… not in picture is my mandatory cuppa Coffee!

I do not know if my favorite fruit Jackfruit is related to the Durian but I am suspicious that at the very least, the two are cousins with the biggest difference being in the smell. Durian is far more offensive to the nose.

But the pungent stink of Durian can become an acquired taste. Or smell, I should say. After living in Davao for a couple years in the 90’s, I came to appreciate the fruit as an exotic dessert to look forward to and not as a hazardous falling object to avoid at all costs. Let me tell you, there are Durian harvesters who have fallen asleep at the job and have been sleeping ever since!

This particular Durian was a good pick by my Hubby Ron. The fleshy fruit is light to deep yellow, buttery in the mouth, sweet but not cloying and smelly enough to give your dining/kitchen area its own atmosphere. Ron spotted this beauty among a prickly bunch of Durians in Robinson’s Blue Wave Marikina.


1) Let your nose guide you. If you are walking in the grocery and you get a whiff of mild stinky-sweet Durian smell, that means there is a potentially desirable Durian within your vicinity.   

2) Do an ocular. The Durian should be opening on its own. Not too big of a crack and not too small. You should just be able to start seeing the pod/fruit.

3) Peek thru the crack. Look at what you can see of the fruit through it. Light to deep yellow are the colors you are looking for. 
3) Sniff the crack. I know this sounds horrible but life is hard and you just have to accept that. There should be a rich, sweet smell. A sweet stink and not a STINKY stink. 

4) If you buy an uncracked Durian,   don’t force it open. Let it sit on your kitchen counter until it cracks up… hahaha!

5) Take your sweet time when choosing a Durian. Use your senses especially smell and sight. Hold the fruit in your hand and let it speak to you. When Ron selects a Durian, he takes a slow five to ten minutes. Its worth the trouble because choosing a bad Durian is one hell of a downer and not to mention, an expensive P350/kilo mistake if you’re buying it in Metro Manila. 

My beautiful Durian Breakfast is dedicated to all my dear friends in Davao. Thinking of you all…           


4 thoughts on “FOOD JOURNAL – Five Steps to Choosing the Perfect Durian!

  1. Oh my, Joyce girl — I was feeling so down before I read this and I cracked up after (pun intended), big big thanks! My load just got lighter at least. Unfortunately, durian is probably the only fruit that I will only eat on pain of death, really! The thing smells like sum’thing nasty died in there! LOL!

      • now jackfruit, however, is on the top of the list… i like it on desserts, i like it on viands, i like it on bread, and definitely as a stand-alone munchie! yum yum!

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